Hope we see you all at our gigs this year!  

Creativity energizes.  I try to keep it on a low flame so when I get home from my day job I can crank the heat. 10 hour days makes it difficult.  

Already planning summer gigs and travel.  Alaska!  Summer tour!

Blink and you miss it. Hesitate and you regret it. Letting go and holding on to moments frustrate.  Losing my Father and Grand Mother this year has warped time for me. The past, present and future wrap around each other like the colors of a barber pole. 

I used to spend hours in record stores.  Going through album bins and trying to guess what the LP sounded like by the album cover.  Yes Fragile LP was the first album I bought solely because of the art.  It was a kind of magic how they enhanced each other.  Love at first sight and sound.  12" by 12" of interactivity.  Compact discs ruined the impact and mtv made us passive observers and less engaged with art.  What were your favorite album covers?


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