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Terry, very nice to meet you and visit with you here at Gruhn Guitars today. Safe travels, my friend! Michael
Ya'll are so awesome! Im downloading your music right now on my new computer! love ya!
Wow, you have a great sound as I have now listening to the fourth track! I went to school with you Terry if you do not remember. Anyway keep up the good work! It is neat to be able to do something you love and as I listen to your music I can tell you love what you do!
Saw you at Volk Winery yesterday......you were awesome!
Haha Chrisanne!
Hey Guys! Layla's friend ChrisAnne here! Every week I say, "Where are your folks playing?" and I get,"I don't know I have to ask..." and she forgets! Now I can find out for myself! lol Listening to you is super fun! Love, ChrisAnne
Love the new picture. What a good photographer. LOL
Great music to listen to at work, home, or at play!! Thanks :-)
Your guys' music is wonderful!!
I heard about you in Bend, OR from Dan Feeney Looking forward to see you perform
you guys sound great!!!! hope all is well xo
Always a great time. You both are wonderful people.
Way to go Terry...I was there at the start....OJHS...very impressive career! JP
From the Coonecticut country guy. I really enjoyed your performance. I'll be back 11/20-11/23. Maybe try to see you-all. Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou - great song. Now all we need is some Patsy Cline or Blue (Leann Rimes).
I saw you guy Friday night at the Kilt you are great. Looking forward to seeing at Calcareous.
Hey guys good luck with the wedding tomorrow..I know you will be great! Thanks for all your help.."In The Key Of Love" Wedding music package: Live for wedding ceremony and pro DJ/MC for reception. We rock! Love ya' MO
I love your duet project even more that the four piece. You two are awesome together! In fact, many of your songs sound better than the originals. Our work group (ConocoPhillips Company) enjoyed your music last Friday night, 8/13/10, at the Kilt. Thanks!
Love your new cool website ! See you soon at one of your gigs..your music is awesome...we love it !!
Carole your music is beautiful!! I think it is so much better than what I remember in the past. It is so great to talk to you again. Hope to see you soon!! Love ya!! grace
Hi guys! Shea just showed me this site! Yeah, it's great. I love you lots. xoxo, Jen
Heard you both at McClintocks last night. Very pleasant listening. I see you play some private parties and was wondering what you fee is? We are scheduling a party at our home early summer and are doing some research on what a live group would cost. Thanks Jim Wilmore
Terry, and Carole....excellent music. cannot seem to stop listening to it....kinda like the first cars album...i keep playing it over and over. "stay" is a wonderful piece. most cool. peace....
Saw you at Mavericks Saloon on sat, great show. Thank You.
Hey U all , Nice page When is your show at the Fillmore , Is it true that you'll be opening for Stevie Nicks at the S.B.County Bowl. Anyway have a happy , and always get home good !
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We have a new computer with new address above. Hope to see you soon.We really like the website.Thanks for the call Bone. The McMillans
Did the store in Albertson center (Oak Knoll South) make a disply of your work? I would really want a disc just to play as a Audition for the 30th Reunion. KL
You know I think you guys are the bomb-diggity, and I wish you all the best with the new CD. Be seein' ya' soon, Happy Thanksgiving! Love you! MO
The fact that your my cousin dose not cloud or change view of the quality of the songs on "Here and Now" every song has its own special HOOK that gets in your head and next thing you know your singing your songs in the shower OK "TMI" ...Great CD for any mood you might be in ! We need to think about a Promo Tour, your live shows are the icing on the cake. HB
site looks great..still making it a goal to come and see you perform soon.
Fantastic idea to showcase your wonderful music for our pleasure!
Great looking site! I've bookmarked it because I plan on viewing regularly.
Nice Job!
Congratulations on your success. We are very proud of you both. Carol your voice is beautiful. Hope to see you Thanksgiving.
Great looking site well done guys