It's Late

04:42 Download
The Belmores
Terry and Carole Belmore


Recorded at Sound Design Studios in Santa Barbara.  Carole did session work for the owner (Grammy winning engineer and producer) and he gave us free studio time.  First class.


It's Late I'm through

There's nothing left for us to say

Nothing left for us to do

When lies ring true

A change of heart won't make me stay

When I finally break away

You tried to hold on to

A useless past that manifests

In jealousy and loneliness

Let's go and get beyond this

I'm not the one to calm your fears

Desperate lies desperate tears

It's so clear you need my strength

But in your grasp I cannot breath

And Just as tight around yourself

Your hand becomes your prison cell

Will you wake now from this dream

This has gone too far it seems

I can't help but disengage

I refuse to live this way

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