Real Good Man

04:19 Download
The Belmores
Terry and Carole Belmore


Autobiographical song of appreciation.  In the bridge I wanted Carole to sing "short and fat" but she ixnayed that.  It's not in her to be mean.


Woke up this morning feeling real real good

Way mo better than a good girl should

The sun was shinning the coffees percolating

Toast and Honey on the table it’s waiting


There’s no secret I’ll show you the plan

Get yourself a real good man


When I come from my 9 to 5

And like feel like I barely survived

In the bath tub the bubbles are waiting

Candles are lit and the dinner he’s a makin

There’s no secret I don’t mean to brag


It took years

This didn’t happen overnight

I must admit there were several prototypes

Tall and rich

Short with no tan

It tool’s all to find me one good mine


When he comes home all tired and dirty

He takes a shower gets out in a hurry

He’ll waste no time on watching the TV

Cause after 9 he just wants to be with me



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