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The Belmores: Music

Big Sky Country

(The Belmores)
December 4, 2015
Terry and Carole Belmore

When the world went crazy those who chose sanity and fled to higher ground filled their lungs fresh and renewed.

I can see off in the distance

There’s a fire  out of control

So let’s ride to the Great Mountain

Taste her water Icy cold


And out here the Big Sky country

I feel it in my bones

Far away from the city madness that’s

Tearing at my soul


Let’s set up camp 

And rest the horses

we have many miles

Left to go

See the snow caps

on the horizon

Like the Angels

All aglow


And up there 

We can

Ask the Angels

Help us carry the load

From up there

We will shake the demons

Just leave us alone


So we’ll ride our wild horses

Cross the valley At break of dawn

Watch the Sunrise on the great Mountain

Wake the prairie with it’s song