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The Belmores: News

Beginnigs/Endings - March 16, 2018

Yesterday I left my place of employment for the last 8 years to begin a new chapter.  Thank you everyone at Weatherby Inc I hope the best for you and your move to Wyoming.  

Carole and I love the Central Coast.  After seriously considering moving to a new state and new adventure it made us come to appreciate the friends, family and location in so many ways one forgets to over time.  I am excited to be working in San Luis Obispo once again.

Denner Winery - March 15, 2013

Great beautiful sunshine day!  Excellent Syrah!  And we had the PA sounding sweet!

On the radio - April 20, 2010

Our song October Moon was on KCBX recently.  Click on Radio playlist we were on at 8:50.

Paso Robles Zinfest weekend - March 24, 2010

We had a great weekend.  It started Saturday afternoon in Santa Ynez at the Maverick.  Beautiful weather.  Somewhat unexepected, some old High School buddies and their wives showed up to see us play. That is always an inspiration.  Sunday it was on to Calcareous Winery.  Dana's wine is outstanding.  Thank you Dana it is always a joy to play for you!

Zoom Q3 - March 1, 2010

We just got a Zoom Q3 to record our gigs with.  The sound quality is excellent.  Hopefully we will be posting some clips soon.

Neil Finn in Santa Barbara - February 10, 2010

NeilSinging_resized_cropped.JPGMy sister gave me the heads up that Neil Finn was playing in Santa Barbara Tues nite at the SoHo.  Carole and I and  our friends Tim and Crista Pacheco went last night.  Awesome!  Neil is one of my favorite songwriters of all time.  He was in the Split Enz and Crowded House.  He is from New Zealand.  This was the 5th time i've seen him in concert.  The SoHo is restaurant/music club and there were maybe a hundred or so people at the show.  We were at the front of stage.  At one point Neil's guitar cords were tangled and his guitar stopped working.  While he was playing piano I tried be helpful and untangle his cords for him.  People freaked because the guitar was still plugged into the cord I was untangling.  The guitar wobble slightly.  Carole yelled "Don't worry he's a professional musician and knows what he's doing."  Thank god the guitar didn't crash!  Neil announced over the PA " there seems to be a gentlemen up here that thinks he can fix my guitar."   Slightly embarrassed I yelled back it's the batteries.  He didn't hear me but the people around quickly yelled it out and the sound guy brought some fresh batteries up.  So Neil if you read this it was me that had the solution.  I'm also the one who showed you the blurry upside down photo of you and Paul I took at the first Crowded House tour in San Luis Obispo.  The only way you could know what it was is if you read this.

Tulare - February 3, 2010

We really enjoyed performing at the Tulare Chamber of Commerce mixer at Bravo Farms Restaurant last Thursday. Fun energetic group of people.  The owner Jonathan Van Ryn manager Mike Stivers and the whole staff made us feel very welcomed and appreciated.  We were blown away by how young Jonathan's parents looked as well as Jonathan himself!  Thanks Mike for inviting us!

Mike Dean's new truck. - December 23, 2009

Dec. 12th Mike Dean totaled his truck on the way to our Paso Inn gig.  Going up Cuesta grade he hydroplaned and slammed head on into the concrete divider.  He managed to make it to the gig for the last 2 songs of the night.  Bruised and bewildered.  Today he came by with his brand new truck.  What could have been a nightmare turned out to be positve.  Progressive insurance came through for him.  TaDa.

CDs avalability - December 23, 2009

Our cds are available at Matt's Music in Paso Robles,  Boo Boo records in San Luis Obispo and Faultline music in Paso Robles

CD available at Boo Boo's - December 3, 2009

Our CD Here and Now is available at Boo Boo records in San Luis Obispo

Hospice Partners of the Central Coast - December 2, 2009

     It has become a tradition of Hospice agencies across this country to hold Light Up a Life ceremonies to celebrate the memories of loved ones and friends.  Our friend and wonderfully talented fingerstyle guitarist/composer Tim Pacheco invited us to perform with him 2 nights.  

Tuesday night at the New Hope Church in Arroyo Grande we performed Love Song by Elton John and a song I wrote for Carole's Mom called Stay.  Tonight we will do the same in Atascadero at the Carlton.  

Thanks Tim for including us to be a part of this amazing support system.  

Happy Thanksgiving! - November 26, 2009

I made Sweet Italian sausage stuffing for my half Italian wife.  I made brownies for myself but I will have to share.  Dinner will be in Orcutt at my Mom's house.  Getting hungry just typing about.

Week End after Turkey day - November 24, 2009

We are playing with Alone in Public at the Paso Inn  Friday and Saturday night check the calendar.

New Years Eve - November 24, 2009

Tentatively we are schedule to perform at the Villa Valdemosa Bed and Breakfast Inn a few minutes east of Paso Robles.  Call Tom Roebuck at 805-237-0170 for reservations and info.

CD Release Party a success - November 9, 2009

Our cd party at the Club House in SLO was fantastic. Packed house. Thanks everyone

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