NeilSinging_resized_cropped.JPGMy sister gave me the heads up that Neil Finn was playing in Santa Barbara Tues nite at the SoHo.  Carole and I and  our friends Tim and Crista Pacheco went last night.  Awesome!  Neil is one of my favorite songwriters of all time.  He was in the Split Enz and Crowded House.  He is from New Zealand.  This was the 5th time i've seen him in concert.  The SoHo is restaurant/music club and there were maybe a hundred or so people at the show.  We were at the front of stage.  At one point Neil's guitar cords were tangled and his guitar stopped working.  While he was playing piano I tried be helpful and untangle his cords for him.  People freaked because the guitar was still plugged into the cord I was untangling.  The guitar wobble slightly.  Carole yelled "Don't worry he's a professional musician and knows what he's doing."  Thank god the guitar didn't crash!  Neil announced over the PA " there seems to be a gentlemen up here that thinks he can fix my guitar."   Slightly embarrassed I yelled back it's the batteries.  He didn't hear me but the people around quickly yelled it out and the sound guy brought some fresh batteries up.  So Neil if you read this it was me that had the solution.  I'm also the one who showed you the blurry upside down photo of you and Paul I took at the first Crowded House tour in San Luis Obispo.  The only way you could know what it was is if you read this.

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