Carole Belmore - Singer Bassist

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley of L.A. wasn't what you might expect. For me, it was somewhat idyllic. Cocooned in a small cul-de-sac, all the children played together at each others house and in a sense the parents did the same. There were many block parties alternating from home to the next. The kids would swim and play while the parents bbq'd served drinks and most importantly played all kinds of great music. There would be latin, jazz, folk, rock and Motown on the turn table all the time and I could not get enough of it.  Everyone in my family played an instrument save my Mom. She was the greatest audience ever. I was the youngest of three and as soon as I was old enough, I followed in their foot steps and started learning how to play guitar and piano. I took up playing bass guitar later out of necessity, which I have never regretted. But singing became a passion. I  sang in all of my church and school choirs.



I remember the first "band" I saw perform was just a couple of doors down from my house. A lawyer who played banjo and his musical daughter formed a little group with my Dad and Sis. They called themselves the Kit-Lin sisters and 2 Old Goats. They played some actual gigs and always had my full attention. When they would get together to practice I would drop whatever little girl activity I was doing and run to the music.

Later as a young teen I became fascinated with harmony. The lawyers daughter gave me a few pointers on how to harmonize. After much practice I began to hear harmonies to music even when they were not there. To this day I have great passion for harmonies. The color and depth it adds and sense of team work that is shared in an ensemble is very gratifying.

Terry Belmore - Guitars, drum programming, singer

I grew up on Mira Flores Dr, Orcutt, CA.  My Grand parents, aunt, uncle and cousins lived on the same street.  I played football, baseball, music and climbed trees on every street in our neighborhood. 


 My first electric guitar was an electric experience.  My Dad bought me an electric guitar and amp when I was 10.  The first time I played through it I got electrocuted.  I did not touch it again until two years later when Robbie Stopple, Tom Herrman and I started our first band called Hot Ice.  We later added Sean Foley as lead guitarists.  In 8th grade we had our debut at the Orcutt Jr. High talent show.  I played bass and stared at my feet for 3 songs.